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Rhino’s construction phase services include reviewing shop drawings, submittals, calculations, and product submittals; periodic site visits to verify proper installation, and commissioning to ensure projects are installed in accordance with approved construction documents as well as in accordance with applicable codes and construction best practices. As code or design questions arise, Rhino’s engineers quickly resolve inquiries so that construction proceeds as scheduled.

Construction Administration & Submittal Review:

From reviewing shop drawings and product submittals to walking through job sites, Rhino FPE ensures that each project is installed in accordance with code and to design specifications. Rhino’s involvement throughout the construction process has reduced delays and change orders on several significant projects, including the Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium and multiple Penn State University Residence Hall Fire Alarm Upgrades.

Rhino FPE helps clients achieve schedule and budget objectives through the Third Party Design Review and Third Party Inspection Services described below.

Third Party Fire Protection Engineering and Design Review:

Owners, Architects, and General Contractors can draw upon Rhino’s expertise not only in fire protection engineering and knowledge of the various building and life safety codes, but also our institutional knowledge of the jurisdictional approval process and how to expeditiously obtain the necessary authorizations and permits.

Rhino reviews architectural, electrical, HVAC, plumbing drawings, and related documentation for compliance with building and life safety codes as well as to ensure all fire protection requirements are coordinated amongst all disciplines. We also suggest design modifications as applicable to correct deficiencies and/or provide creative solutions to save costs.

Third Party Fire Protection Inspection:

Jurisdictions have very specific and unique requirements for inspections as well as for obtaining construction or occupancy permits. If an architect or General Contractor is not familiar with working in a particular jurisdiction, it is often difficult to identify what inspections are required and at what frequency, and from whom approvals need to be obtained. In addition, reviewing authorities are often stretched thin in this era of shrinking government budgets, and it frequently takes a long time to schedule inspections. Rhino’s institutional knowledge of the jurisdictional permitting process as well as our experience in identifying issues and errors can optimize and enhance a project’s Fire Protection and Life Safety review and approval. We thus facilitate the process of obtaining the required inspections and permits.

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