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Rhino conducts surveys, due diligence, and risk assessments of facilities to assist clients in evaluating investments as well as to prepare for change in occupancies or building usage.

Building code requirements for existing buildings are often highly complex. Determining what aspects of a building that must be brought to code, what are grandfathered, and what should be brought to code to reduce liability exposure is a challenging process. Rhino has performed condition assessments for a variety of building types nationwide, including office buildings, schools, nuclear plants, government facilities, retail properties, and others. Our knowledge of building codes, coupled with experience in life-cycle cost estimating helps owners budget costs and maintain life-safety functionality over the life of the facility.

GSA Solicitation for Offer (SFO) Surveys and Assistance:

Rhino’s services include assisting GSA to evaluate their building portfolio. We also help owners prepare buildings for lease or sale and provide required certifications. Rhino’s engineers additionally assist building managers in meeting GSA leasing requirements by completing the mandatory fire protection / life safety survey report (SFO Attachment 4).

Nuclear Power Generation:

Rhino can assist the nuclear power generation industry with maintaining code of record compliance.

Healthcare Joint Commission Statement of Conditions Support:

Rhino provides support to hospitals and health care facilities for compliance to Joint Commission standards, particularly with respect to the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. Rhino conducts conditions assessments, documents findings, develops a prioritized list to recommendations including cost estimates for correction of deficiencies, and provides assistance to owners regarding Joint Commission SOC assessments.

Rhino’s experience with life-cycle cost estimating keeps building managers informed, and assists clients with maintaining fire protection systems functionality over the life of your facility.

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