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Building codes have served well for almost 100 years but often fall short with today’s most innovative architectural designs. When the code isn’t adequate, Rhino can provide performance-based design using fire modeling software and the latest engineering techniques.

Fire Modeling:

For new or existing properties that may not fit within prescribed building codes, Rhino can define the problem system, space, or structure; identify potential fire scenarios; perform modeling of the system; and evaluate the model against fire scenarios to determine enhancements necessary to attain the level of protection required by building codes.

Smoke Control & Evacuation Design:

Common features in malls, high-rise buildings, stadiums, atria, and other large open spaces, smoke control systems help keep exit pathways and assembly areas free from smoke. This is an important feature since smoke kills and injures more people in fires every year than actual flames. Rhino uses computer modeling to predict the movement of smoke and toxic gas through such structures, and designs appropriate and cost effective solutions.

Egress Analysis:

Alerting building occupants about a fire or other emergency is one thing, getting them to safety may be another. Rhino FPE performs egress analyzes and consulting to ensure that facility egress pathways are not the weak link in the life-safety chain. Development of alternative egress designs is a common fire-safety element in historic buildings where structural modifications may be costly or affect the historic features of the building.

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